The purest water.
So that everything runs smoothly.

Put the well-being of your loved ones in the best hands. ROWA Aquaristik provides sophisticated and time-tested systems that consistently provide the best water quality for hobby, zoo, small animal industry, and water art. 

We know your problems, like...

Poor water quality

Add hard water, silica, too much nitrate, and evaporative water without increasing carbonate hardness (KH) and total hardness (GH) at the same time... In the vast majority of cases, the available drinking water is only suitable for hobbies to a limited extent.

The purest water

If water of the highest purity is required, ROWA® is the right choice for you. We have been producing reverse osmosis systems for small, medium, and large water demands since 1987.

With our RO systems, we offer you various equipment for individual requirements and smart technology, such as our automatic filling system.

We make no compromises when it comes to quality: ROWA® housings are "Made in Germany"—and with our new bayonet fastenings, maintenance becomes child's play!

Algae in the aquarium

green, turbid, brown

Green panes, cloudy water, brown deposits on the substrate and on decorations, ailing corals; these are widespread problems in aquariums - whether nano tanks or large aquariums, freshwater or saltwater systems.

Minimum factor phosphate

Take away what algae need to grow: phosphate and silicate (diatoms). ROWA®phos selectively removes both without negatively affecting the overall water chemistry. Intensive research led us to develop a patented production process:
ROWA®phos is manufactured from chemically pure raw materials at our plant in Osnabrück.
Our bestseller - worldwide!

Turbid swill

and now what?

Everything is beautiful, everything is new, and then what? The water in the aquarium is getting muddier. Doesn't just a big partial water change help there? Not necessarily.

Crystal-clear water

Yellow matter and other organic compounds are bound by ROWA®carbon and removed from the water cycle. The water becomes crystal clear. By the way, ROWA®carbon also removes nettle toxins, other toxins, and drug residues from the water.
You can also get crystal-clear water by adding ROWA®crystal. This liquid medium binds the turbid substances, which are then removed from the water via the filter system.

New equipment

The new aquarium is here...

The aquarium is finally here.

Now it's time to "break in" and wait until the residents can move in—for days...
The fish are happy about a lot of food, but what about the water quality? Suddenly, the fish are doing badly. Too much nitrite and nitrate...

Give the bacteria a head start

Invisible helpers for a stable nitrogen cycle right from the start: ROWA®bac contains particularly salt-tolerant nitrifiers (ammonia/ammonium-degrading bacteria) and denitrifiers (nitrate-degrading bacteria), which significantly shorten the run-in phase and stabilize the biological balance. In this way, you avoid the accumulation of toxic nitrites and accelerate the breakdown of nitrates.