The purest water. So that everything runs smoothly.

The world of pure water

We have been dealing with water treatment for over 30 years. We have made it our task to give back to the water what it threatens to lose more and more: its purity.

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We are part of the family-run KF corporate group.

Under the Kemmer/Fisher family, KF unites a number of medium-sized companies with over 200 employees. Our portfolio offers you a range of services for the removal and prevention of environmental pollution.

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Quality Assurance

When selecting our products, we place the utmost importance to quality. This applies not only to our reverse osmosis systems. The highest quality and the highest purity of all chemicals used for the ROWAselect and ROWAedit product lines are also a matter of course for us.

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Our products, e.g. reverse osmosis systems, ROWAphos etc. are also used in zoos and large aquariums and are widely recognized in the trade press.

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