ROWAcarbon⁺: Crystal Premium Carbon

  • Art. - No. 040905 (225 g)
  • Art. - No. 040910 (450 g)
  • Art. - No. 040950 (2,25 kg)

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Pelletized high-performance activated carbon with low POI

Special Features:

  • Binds harmful and disturbing organic waste products, nettle toxins, and drug residues and thus improves the water quality in your aquarium
  • Exceptionally pure, high-performance activated carbon that meets even the highest demands.
  • Pelletised, therefore reduced fine dust
  • The starting product is exclusively high-quality hard coal
  • Constant quality control
  • Excellent for removing yellow matter and ozone
  • Effectively removes unwanted residues of medicinal substances after drug treatment.
  • Highly activated, therefore low weight with the same volume relative to conventional activated carbons

The release of phosphate (PO4) from activated carbon with a high POI, often greater than 14, often leads to significant algae problems. In seawater aquariums, the synthesis of lime is also inhibited by calcareous red algae, stony corals, and other lime-depositing organisms.


highly active, therefore very low density
low phosphate output (low POI = phosphate output index)

ROWAcarbon+ is therefore characterized by its outstandingly low phosphate output index (POI) of 1.3. The phosphate discharge is thus significantly below the detection limit of conventional measurement methods.

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