ROWAkalk: Calcium hydroxide

  • Art. - No. 041707 (300 g)

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Kalkwasser (limewater) mix for salt water

Special Features:

  • The ideal mixture to produce Kalkwasser.
  • High purity of 98.2%
  • Quickly soluble in reverse osmosis water
  • Can be used both manually and for application in lime water reactor or Kalkwasser stirrer.

The inhabitants of reef aquariums need calcium for the growth of their bone scaffolds and shells, and they consume both calcium and carbonate hardness from the water in large quantities. Both substances must therefore be metered again.

ROWAkalk is very pure calcium hydroxide, which, when dissolved in water, gives Kalkwasser, a solution that continues to react within the aquarium and leads to the formation of calcium, carbonate, and bicarbonate ions. Depending on your needs, the fresh solution can completely or partially replace the water in your aquarium that evaporates every day and increase the pH value of your water.