ROWAlith: Calcium carbonate

  • Art. - No. 040226 (2 - 3 mm, 6 kg)
  • Art. - No. 040296 (9 - 15 mm, 6 kg)

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Hardening granules for fresh water and salt water

Special Features:

  • Excellently suitable as a hardening material for lime reactors
  • Ideal for use as a substrate in salt water and harder fresh water aquariums
  • Additional buffering (pH stability) of the aquarium water and supply of total and carbonate hardness (higher degrees of hardness can be achieved by adding CO2)
  • Ideal growth medium for microorganisms (e.g., nitrifier).
  • As a filter material in the biofilter, it buffers the acid produced by microorganisms very well.
  • Available in 2 different grain sizes: 2–3 mm and 9–15 mm grain size

ROWAlith is a natural material. It consists of 99.1% calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and is extracted from Jurassic and Devonian deposits.

Whether as a substrate or hardening material for the lime reactor with ROWAlith, the additional entry of undesirable substances into the aquarium (e.g., phosphate) is avoided, in contrast to the use of coral breakage.

We also use ROWAlith as a deacidifier in drinking water treatment.