ROWAphos: PO₄ & SiO₂ Adsorber

  • Art. - No. 040401 (100 g)
  • Art. - No. 040402 (250 g)
  • Art. - No. 040405 (500 g)
  • Art. - No. 040410 (1000 g)
  • Art. - No. 040450 (5 kg)

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Safe phosphate removal from fresh water and salt water

Special Features:

  • Extremely high binding capacity
  • Low space requirements
  • Quickly visible successes in the phosphate-related "algae plague"
  • No pH value change
  • Reduces silicate (SiO2)
  • No release of pollutants
  • No tripping of aluminum is possible, as with alumina-based products
  • Avoids phosphate-related impairment of lime synthesis in calcareous red algae, stony corals, etc.
  • Also used in the drinking water sector for the removal of arsenic
  • NSF Certificate

In fresh water and salt water aquariums, ROWAphos successfully combats the main cause of algae problems: phosphate (PO4)

As a highly effective active ingredient concentrate, it helps to reduce the phosphate excess caused by feed input and decomposition processes in aquariums to a natural level.

In order to prevent the accumulation of phosphate (PO4) in the decoration and substrate, ROWAphos should be used as soon as possible when setting up a new pool.

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