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from zoos and large aquariums

Our products, e.g., reverse osmosis systems, ROWAphos, etc., are also used in zoos and large aquariums and are widely recognized in the trade press.

Here is a selection of references:

  • Operation of two Sirius A in the fish laboratory of the Judkewitz Lab, Charité Berlin
  • Use of ROWAphos in the "Project Coral" of the Horniman Aquarium in London, Great Britain
  • Treatment of aquarium water in the Tierpark Bochum
  • Various circulating filter systems for the removal of phosphate with ROWAphos in large aquariums, Tierpark Bochum
  • High-pressure fogging system for various terrariums, Tierpark Bochum
  • Use of ROWAphos for phosphate removal and ROWAlith in lime reactors at Klimahaus Bremerhaven
  • Use of ROWAphos for phosphate removal and ROWAcarbon for yellow matter removal and removal of nettle poisons in the Nature Museum of South Tyrol
  • Desalination plant with fogging system for a free flight hall, Zoo Osnabrück
  • Treatment of aquarium waters in the Meeresmuseum Stralsund
  • Water treatment at the Natural History Museum Karlsruhe
  • Aquarium circulation cooling system for the Museum am Schölerberg, Osnabrück
  • Various treatment plants for breeders, pet retailers, and hobby aquarists
  • Water desalination by reverse osmosis for the fogging system and irrigation water in the rainforest house, Botanical Garden, University of Osnabrück
  • Reverse osmosis system for aquariums, Neptun Marine Centre, Fehmarn Castle
  • Phosphate removal from Plötzensee by adsorption, 100 m3/h, Senate Berlin
  • Reverse osmosis system for aquarium water, Hellabrunn Zoo, Munich