There is a guarantee for pure water: ROWA

The world of pure water

We have been dealing with water treatment for over 30 years. We have made it our task to give back to the water what it threatens to lose more and more: its purity.

Since January 2013, the Aquaristics division has once again become an independent company: ROWA Aquaristik GmbH. The know-how of WEIL Wasseraufbereitung GmbH from the industrial sector will continue to be available to you at ROWA®. In the field of aquaristics, ROWA® has been internationally managed in the pet trade from the very beginning.

Your hobby is our passion!

When it comes to the highest and individual requirements when it comes to water, ROWA® offers everything your heart desires: whether for a hobby, laboratory, technology, or your own health—the greatest possible purity of water is the basic requirement, and a special composition is an important step towards success.

ROWA® has been working as a partner of WEIL Wasseraufbereitung GmbH since 1987. Together with our engineers, technicians, biologists, and chemists, we develop and produce innovative and high-quality products for water treatment for aquariums.

ROWA® specializes in reverse osmosis technology as well as the targeted removal of unwanted substances. The experience gained in a wide variety of water treatment areas results in further products for special conditioning.

ROWA® is trusted by professionals

Many large pet retailers and large aquariums trust us wherever a defined water quality is indispensable or when special water treatment problems have to be mastered.