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In this section, we will keep you up to date about ROWA®. Our news not only provides information about new ROWA products but also repeatedly addresses topics related to aquaristics and the topic of "water." We are also pleased to inform you about new projects of our KF Group sister companies.

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Uviblox GmbH equips Hamburger Gymnasium with air purifiers

Are your children also freezing at school because of the wrong ventilation? Uncomplicated air hygiene is different nowadays.

Our sister company, uviblox GmbH, has equipped a Hamburg climate school with a total of 35 AirCleaner devices in its current reference project. This school is one of 63 schools in the city of Hamburg dedicated to the topic of climate protection. A voluntary commitment that includes both educational and technical measures to reduce CO2 emissions caused by school operations.

The use of uviblox AirCleaner improves air hygiene in classrooms and contributes to the economical and effective use of heating energy. Unlike conventional air purifiers, no filter media has to be changed, as the AirCleaner uses high-energy light to reduce germs.

Further information on the various AirCleaner models can be found here.

A seawater treatment plant for the production of drinking water on a lighthouse in the Baltic Sea

Since 2017, the drinking water treatment system built by the colleagues of our sister company, WEIL Wasseraufbereitung GmbH, has been in operation in a lighthouse in the Baltic Sea.

The lighthouse in the Baltic Sea serves as a pilot station and is manned around the clock. Until the commissioning of the new plant, tankers were used for the supply of drinking water. Due to the high costs and the high effort, an alternative had to be found. Weil Wasseraufbereitung GmbH developed a process consisting of pre- and post-treatment components for cost-effective and efficient seawater desalination. The very fluctuating salinity of the Baltic Sea, depending on the season, was particularly challenging. A reverse osmosis plant with highly retaining seawater reverse osmosis membranes with a capacity of up to 2 m3/d is at the heart of the seawater treatment plant.

The photo shows the lighthouse on which the seawater treatment plant with pre- and post-treatment components was installed (copyright by Patrick Bitzer).

David Saxby: New YouTube Video Online

David Saxby, Managing Director of D-D The Aquarium Solution LTD and for many years our sales partner for large parts of the world, along with George from CoralFish12G and a few friends, gave us private access to his reef aquarium.David's most important tip for successful saltwater aquaculture is: check the nutrients, then the rest will come by itself.

You can find the video here.

Even if David didn't mention it explicitly, he controls the phosphate in his tank with ROWAphos, of course. In his calcium reactor,   ROWAlith is used as a source of calcium carbonate, and he uses ROWAcarbon as the activated carbon. Everything has been going on for many, many years. Success proves him right.

By the way, he filters the tap water for his seawater with a ROWA/WEIL reverse osmosis system specially made for him.